Stunning Mac OS 11 concept work

The desktop operating system of Mac computers is highly appreciated with the user interface and details that the concept that MacOS has prepared for works. Here are the details of the MacOS 11 concept work.

What does the MacOS 11 concept work suggest?
Designed by designer Alvaro Pabesio, the MacOS 11 concept shared over the Behance platform, the iOS-like Control Center comes with a redesigned menu bar, universal applications, system-wide dark mode and much more.

We see that the classic MacOS menu bar has been much simplified and the status bar has been transformed into a Control Center positioned on the right as if it were entirely on iOS. The traditional menu bar controls are taken to the right. In addition to turning on and off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb features, tools and grouped notifications are available in this imaginable Control Center.

The work on making iOS applications universal and working on the MacOS platform has also been used in this concept. Dark Mode also looks quite elegant. Especially iMac Pro, this mode is definitely going to fit. The feature called Devices under Settings allows you to manage all of your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, AirPods and HomePod devices. Local MacOS applications such as Finder, iTunes and Messages have also been redesigned.

Will Apple deliver similar innovations to this concept in the next MacOS update?