iPhone X iOS 12 concept

The concept work for iOS 12 is even more impressive than its predecessor in the iPhone X.

It’s an iOS 12 concept that makes it real!
The concept shared by iOS News And More through the Behance platform offers a very useful and fluid user interface.

Apple has decided to focus on stability and performance rather than innovations in the new mobile operating system. On the other hand, the concept is still very successful in that it can lead to antagonism.

Improvements made to the Home Screen and Lock Screen show that the application names are removed and the camera focuses on the scroll down movement on the lock screen.

It is also possible to lock applications and unlock with Face ID or Touch ID.

Sound Bar makes the outline almost invisible and covers the entire top. Guest Mode is very functional for your emergency and your privacy.

The new Application Banner helps you to access your favorite applications quickly. We can say that the Dock on the iPad is applied to the iPhone.

The iPhone version of the Split View feature we saw on the iPad is made. Dark Mode also looks quite elegant.