When is iOS 11.3 release date ?

Apple is awaiting the release of iOS 11.3 as a user. Performance updates, bug fixes, and new features for the mobile operating system update can be expected sooner than expected. So when is iOS 11.3 release date?

iOS 11.3 release date may be earlier than expected!
Producing professional audio products and microphones using the Lightning port for iPhone smartphones, Shure shared with Twitter that the iOS 11.3 update will come out next week. The answer to the problem that a consumer has been in the process of recording is emphasizing that the iOS update will offer fixes for accessories.

This is an issue that Apple introduced with the release of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Fortunately, iOS 11.3, due out next week, resolves it. You can download the public beta now.

— Shure (@shure) 23/02/2018

In general, third-party companies are not tied to Apple’s calendar of presentations. On the other hand, if Shure gets too much complaints about his microphones working with iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple may have given the company date and assurance that these problems will be fixed. Of course, it is also possible that Shure could be the answer to relieve consumers.

Finally, the week before iOS 11.3 beta 3 was released. New animated characters, health records, iMessage commercial chat feature, battery health indicator and much more updates coming soon.

It’s also worth remembering that Apple is pointing to the spring months for this update. Usually the company covers this period from 20 March to 21 June. Also, the feedback application, which was rolled out before the new versions were released, is also replacing Beta native.