Facebook face recognition feature

Facebook has introduced a feature that will prevent you from being tagged in unwanted photos. Due to the feature being photographed, it is possible to prevent you from taking photograph suggestions. The feature announced over the last month protects you from fake accounts that use your photo.

You can instantly be notified of people who take a photo of you and make or share a profile picture. You can activate or deactivate the one-click feature of Facebook’s privacy policy section.

How to activate Facebook face recognition feature
The face recognition feature is turned on by default. If you want to turn off the feature, you have to go to ‘Privacy Settings’ under ‘Settings’. In the ‘Privacy Settings’ section, you can turn the feature on or off.

Statement was made
When the company first made use of the feature, “We want people to feel safe when uploading photos to Facebook. For this reason, soon we will start using face recognition technology to let people know when people upload their photos as profile pictures by someone else. ”